Axel Koenders

Presenter and Sports instructor/advisor endurance sports

“Almost anything is achievable in sports as success can to a large extent be planned and realized. Pain and exhaustion are only temporary and uncertainties can be reduced by careful planning”.




Training sessions


Healthy lifestyle

“As a presenter and sports instructor/advisor my focus lies on advising my clients how to prepare themselves optimally for one-day or multi-day endurance sports events. This can be done either in the form of a clinic or with just some basic training and nutrition tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle”.

[ Axel Koenders ]


PE teacher, cyclist, ice speed skater, triathlete, Sports Performance manager and advisor at the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC) and the Dutch Sports Federation (NSF), coach at various clubs and associations and owner of a sports- and fitness center: over a 40-year span, I have built a huge wealth of expertise of and experience in recreational, competitive and top-sports. My knowledge on how to prepare yourself for endurance sports events is second to none.

I present seminars and run clinics to groups both larger and smaller. This could be a cycling club or any other sports or athletics club, schools, fitness centers or organizers of endurance sports events. I will tell you everything about the importance of good preparation, good training schedules, goal setting and perseverance, with lots of enthusiasm. Since I speak several languages, this can also be in English, German or Spanish.


My vision is that every child, teenager and adult should always be in an environment where they can enjoy sports. To exercise, to train or to compete; today and on any day in the future.


Born out of my passion for sports, my mission is to advise recreational, competitive and top sports performers but also school children and students how to exercise and train. And also to motivate and stimulate them to develop an active lifestyle and enjoy (endurance-) sports.


Presenter and sports instructor/advisor Axel Koenders offers inspiring seminars and training sessions to:

Companies (teams)

Clubs (cycling/skating/athletics/swimming/triathlon, etcetera)

Schools/educational entities

Fitness centers

Sports associations

Youth top (endurance-) sports development teams

Social groups (friends)

Organizers of sports events

Sports shops (cycling/running/skating, etcetera)


To give you an idea of the breath of possible topics that I can cover, please browse a list of them below.

Preparing for an endurance sports event

(can be combined with a clinic)
Cycling: road races or audax/cyclosportives
(Ice) skating: marathons (100 or 200 km)
Triathlon: ⅛, ¼, ½ and 1/1 IM-distance triatlons
Running: 10/15 kms, ½ or 1/1 marathon
Swimming: open water events (race or charity)

Presentation endurance training varieties

An overview of the different endurance training formats, taking into account the level of the audience and the sort of event they are training for.

Nutritional advice & healthy lifestyle

How to switch to a healthy lifestyle and the ins and outs of eating and drinking before, during and after a training session or a race. Including the benefits and myths of sports nutrition.

Innovations in sports

I was always a protagonist with new technical developments so I can give you an fascinating overview of the technical developments over the last 40 years, for instance in clothing and aerodynamics.

The famous Dutch ice skating winter marathon Elfstedentocht (11-Cities race)

An entertaining presentation on skating outdoors on natural ice and the story of the last three, 11-cities races (a famous, 200 km ice skating race in the north of the Netherlands that needs a really long, cold spell to be able to run) that were held in 1985, 1986 and 1997. Suitable for schools, clubs and companies.

Preparing for a World Record attempt

I set a new World Record finish time at a triathlon race (IM full distance) in Roth, Germany back in 1988. Let me take you by the hand and show you what it takes to achieve something like that.

Combining a spinning clinic with a presentation

Spinning classes have become a popular activity for both seasoned athletes to bide over the winter months and for new fitness enthusiasts to make a start towards a healthier lifestyle. Insights on how to optimize your spinning sessions to live more healthily or to be in shape right at the start of the spring season.

Presentation Bikepacking

Gravel bike riding has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and has led to Bikepacking (backpacking and biking), which is riding a multi-day gravel ride while carrying your gear along with you, possibly as little as possible, across all kinds of terrain. What bike to choose, what equipment to bring and how to prepare.

Any other topics in the field of endurance sports

My experience in the field of endurance sports is long and deep, so I can address various different topics. If you want to dig deeper into one particular aspect, please do let me know and I can tailor my presentation to it.


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